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Portable Lithium Ion Power Station With AC Ports and Mega Capacity


A Clean Energy, Ultra-Portable and Lightweight Lithium Ion Power Generator featuring 12 output ports including USB Ports, 12V ports and AC ports !


If this device could hold its charge as an emergency power source for 1 year or longer if not in use


If you could charge this device at the same time as it charges and powers other devices without waiting for the batteries to deplete


Because the wait is nearly over.

Due for release at the end of 2018 is all of the above plus more !

Australia's first lightweight (under 10kg) Mobile Power Station that can be charged with AC Mains, 12V Car Socket or even Solar Panels 

This Mega Power machine is a mans best friend......  

Below are some examples of things you can do with this awesome new product....without needing any connection to the grid...  

Please Note: The below calculations may vary based on power consumption of the particular device you are using.

- Power a mini fridge for 10+ hours at a campsite or in an emergency

- Recharge smartphones and tablets simultaneously

- Charge a drone 8+ times

- Run a Projector for 10+ hours

- Charge a GoPro 80+ times

- Power a light for 100+ hours

- Recharge a smart phone 50+ times

- Charge a laptop 10+ times

- Power an Electric Guitar for 20+ hours


- Will charge using solar, wall or car charger.   Wall and car chargers are included with the product.  Solar Panels sold separately. 


- 2 X AC OUTLET.     240V AC - Pure Sine Wave 300W continuous, 600W Peak

- 1 x 12V Car Port (Cigarette Lighter Socket)   12V  - Up to 8A (96W)

- 2 x DC 12V 6mm port   12V  - Up to 8A (96W)

- 2 x Quick Charge USB Port  5V/9V/12V up to 2.4A

- 2 x Quick Charge TYPE-C Ports  5V/9V/12V up to 2.4A

- 2 x USB Port (5V up to 2.4A)


- Battery Type:   Lithium Ion by LG Chem

- Battery Capacity: 412Wh (14.48V, 28.5Ah)

- Life Span: 500 Cycles

- Inverter:  300W Pure Sine Wave


- 6 hours from AC Mains

- 9 hours from Car Port

- 10 to 15 hours from Solar Panel (optional)



Early Bird (Pre-Sale)

The Early Bird / Pre-Sale price will be a discounted price offered before the first production batch is manufactured. 

Please email to register your interest.

Buyer Protection Through Paypal

Paypal offers buyer protection for 180 days from the payment date if you have a paypal account set up.

If you wish to make payment through paypal, please pay the money to our paypal id which is then email us at with your contact details and paypal receipt number.  If you wish to take advantage of the full 180 day paypal buyer protection, then it would be advisable to make payment after 1/7/17 and before 15/7/17.  If this is the case then please simply email us at to register your expression of interest to make pre-sale payment and indicate that you wish to pay after 1/7/17 to take advantage of the 180 day buyer protection.

For more details of the paypal buyer protection policy visit or call Paypal 

Any Other Questions ?

Please email for more information or to make alternative payment arrangements including direct transfer.  You can also contact us on 1300 447 668