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Atomic Jets 2.1 Home Theatre

See professional product review from Australian Audio & AV Magazine at:

The most unique 2.1CH Home Theatre speaker system ever ! (Watch Videos)

Featuring a 16W Subwoofer with 8 Multi Coloured LED liquid jets that dance in sync with the music and 2 x 7W side speakers with rotating liquid jets, this unit has it all for great sound quality and amazing visual effects, including spectacular ceiling reflections in the dark.

This product also features a touch sensitive LED volume control, adjustable Bass and ability to turn the Liquid Jets on and off.

Product Specifications:

- Power Supply:  18V adapter (Plugs into 240V Mains)

- Rated Power: 16W/80 ohm (Subwoofer);    7W x 2/40 ohm (Satellites)

- Audio Input: 3.5mm audio cable

- 8 x Multi Coloured LED Liquid Jets in Subwoofer

- 6 x Multi Coloured Rotating LED Liquid Jets in Satellites

- 12 LED Touch Sensitive Volume Control

- Amazing Ceiling Reflections

- Function Buttons for Adjustable Bass, Jets On/Off and Power On/Off

- Frequency Response Of Subwoofer:  60-120Hz

- Frequency Response Of Satellites:  120Hz-18kHz

- Weight Of Subwoofer: 2.3kg

- Weight Of Satellites: 0.48kg eaech

- Dimensions Of Subwoofer: 220mm x 220xmm x 320mm

- Dimensions Of Satellites: 90mm x 90xmm x 268mm

- Available In Black Colour Only


Package Contents:

 - 16W Subwoofer

- 2 x 7W Satellite Rotating Jet Speakers

- 3.5mm Audio Cable

- Power Supply

Carton Quantity: 2pcs

Ordering Information:

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