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Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers

Finally the Bluetooth Edition of the No1 selling novelty speaker is here ! (Watch Product Video)

This amazing twin set of rechargeable Bluetooth speakers makes the perfect truly portable 'Dancing Water' speaker system

Not only are they a stereo set of speakers, but they also feature a spectacular LED Liquid Jet show that dances in sync with music that you play.

The Liquid Sound Speakers Bluetooth Edition is identical in size and shape to the Original Edition, however it features several additional new features as below:

- Bluetooth V3.0 Support

- Micro SD Card Support (Built In MP3 Player)

- Powerful USB Rechargeable 2300mAh Lithium-Polymer battery with 6 hour life

- Presence of function buttons on the front of the main speaker to control Volume, Next/Previous Song, Input Mode and Play/Pause

- LED Charging Indicator on the back of the main speaker to indicate when the battery is fully charged

- On/Off Switch


Further Product Specifications:

- 2 x 3W Speakers

- 4 x Multi Coloured LED Liquid Jets per speaker

- Frequency Response:  150Hz to 18Khz

- Impedance : 4 ohm

- Weight: Approx 550g (for 2 speakers)

- Dimensions Of Each Speaker: 51mm x 63xmm x 220mm

- Available in Black colour only


Package Contents:

 - 2 x 3W Speakers

- USB  Power Cable

- USB Link Cable

- 3.5mm Audio Cable

Carton Quantity: 12pcs

Ordering Information:

To order more than 1 unit of this item, first add 1 unit of the item to your cart by clicking "Buy It" on this page, then navigate to the cart (on the top right hand side of the your screen) and click "View Full Cart" or "Checkout". Here you will be able to add/delete units of stock that you wish to purchase.  We prefer you order in full carton quantity multiples for ease of shipping, however this is not mandatory.