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Selfie Stick (With Free Retail Stand)

The perfect accessory for your Selfie Snapper® - the Selfie Stick!

Take awesome selfies from arms length with one of the most popular products on the market 

The Selfie Snapper® Stick extends to 50cm. 

Available in Black, Pink and Blue colours

To use the Selfie Stick, you need to download a timer app to use just the stick, or use it with the Selfie Snapper® Bluetooth remote control (The Selfie Snapper Bluetooth Remote Control and Tripod are Packaged together as a separate product on this website)

Carton Quantity: 24pcs (Without Retail Stand) or 20pcs (To Fit Inside Retail Stand)

Ordering Information:

To order more than 1 unit of this item, first add 1 unit of the item to your cart by clicking "Buy It" on this page, then navigate to the cart (on the top right hand side of the your screen) and click "View Full Cart" or "Checkout". Here you will be able to add/delete units of stock that you wish to purchase.  We prefer you order in full carton quantity multiples for ease of shipping, however this is not mandatory. 

Retailers Note: Purchase 20 Selfie Sticks and receive a free Retail Display Stand for Point Of Sale (The Retail stand holds 20 Selfie Sticks in assorted colours)