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Sparkle Neon Board

The Sparkle Neon Board is an incredibly bright and colourful LED illuminated specials board !

Simply write on whatever you like using the 5 coloured marker pens supplied with the board, and wipe off with the wet wipes or a damp lint free cloth

- 13 LED 'Special Effect' modes to choose from including Red, Blue, Green, White, RGB multicolour cycles, flashing, fade in/out etc

- Removable 'black cardboard' back for use as a transparent board if desired

- Makes hand writing appear like Neon

- Up to 10 marker pen colours to choose from

- Optional rechargeable battery for A1-A4 size

- Low power consumption

- 12 month guarantee

- Each Sparkle Neon Board Comes Packaged with DC Adapter, 5 Marker Pens (Different Colours), Wet Wipes, Dry Cloth and removable backboard

This board is A1 size (approx 91cm x 63cm)