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JINX® Bluetooth Microphone With Loudspeaker

Time to get loud !  

The JINX Portable Microphone is a cleverly designed and stylish USB rechargeable handheld microphone.

Unlike other microphones, the speaker is totally enclosed inside the device, meaning there is no need for wires or bluetooth pairing to an external speaker.

As a portable voice projector, this product has so many uses - for public speaking, home parties, and karaoke just to name a few.

For speech therapists this product could serve as a useful tool in assisting with voice projection

The built in Bluetooth functionality allows the product to behave as an external loudspeaker, and if you sing into the microphone whilst playing a song through the Bluetooth link, the product will mix the song with the microphone input, allowing for portable karaoke !

The kids will also have a ball with this product, because of its built-in variable echo mode which is fun to play with as it makes your voice ECHO into the distance...

The microphone is USB rechargeable and features solid aluminium casing and comes with a stylish protective zip-up travel case