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LED Belt Buckle Pink (Large or Mini)

Do you have something groovy to say? Perhaps you feel the need to put it on your belt buckle?

There is no better way to announce your brilliant thoughts to the world than using your very own programmable LED belt buckle.

This wonderful personalised billboard consists of 147 brightly coloured LEDs surrounded by a chrome frame that can be attached to a belt or set on a desk or shelf.

Once you have programmed your message into the LED buckle, it will begin scrolling across the digital screen !

If you want to add a little extra personal touch, Diamante and Gold coloured frames are also separately purchasable through this website


  • All functions can be programmed without a computer (using the onboard programming buttons)
  • Uppercase and lowercase A-Z characters, numbers and some ASCII symbols supported for programming
  • Onboard speed and brightness adjustments
  • Onboard adjustments for flashing, up/down, left/right text scrolling
  • Standard chrome frame finish (other frame types must be purchased separately)
  • Can store up to 6 messages, each message 256 characters long
  • Batteries are included (2 x CR2032)
  • Comes with user manual
  • Dimensions for Large Size (including frame): 13.5cm x 4.9cm

  • Dimensions for Mini Size (including frame): 10cm x 4.9cm